I felt tired and sluggish all day yesterday and by the time 9:30 rolled around I just passed out and slept the entire night. Today is a bit better, but I’ve still had a few moments of extreme drowsiness throughout the day.

I’m fairly certain it’s the lack of caffeine that had me feeling out of it, as soda is the most recent item on my cut-list, and the caffeine boost that came with my coke at lunch was probably helping to mask the fact that I usually don’t get enough sleep. It’s kind of amazing what a profound effect a single soda (or lack thereof) can have on your day.

In theory, eating better and losing weight should grant me an energy boost that far outweighs the removal of caffeine from my diet, but I’ve certainly not lost anything near what what I’ll need to in order to see those kinds of benefits. Hopefully I’ll keep from nodding off at my desk in the meantime.