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If you’re anything like me, you thought workout videos died a painful death along with other oddities from the 1980’s, but apparently they just ditched Richard Simmons and switched to DVD. For those of you who haven’t heard of P90X, it’s apparently the latest workout video ‘everyone’ has been talking about.

I’d not heard of it until a friend of a friend started talking it up non-stop at lunch a few months back; then, a friend of my sister started posting her impressive results on facebook; soon, my roommate was talking about buying it, and everyone I know seemed to know someone who was doing it. So when the opportunity arose for me to try it out, I figured I’d see what all the fuss was about.

Two days later, I am in incredible pain. I seriously cannot recall a time in my life where my muscles hurt more than they do right now. Yesterday, we only made it half an hour into the workout before I threw up and jogged in place for the rest of video.

If I were sane, I’d probably step back now and consider doing this at some point in a healthier future, but I’m going to try and keep it up, because I made a commitment to my roommate to do it with him (and the fact I’m going to be the best man at a wedding coming up at the end of July might play a tiny part in my decision as well)

But for those of you thinking P90X will help you lose serious weight, I suggest you think again. This program was tailored toward people who are in average to above average shape looking to make the jump to great shape. It most certainly was not intended for people with 80 pounds left to lose.

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I Ran A 5k!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I’d listed running a 5k as one of my New Year’s resolutions, but like so many things in my life, it was always something I was ‘intending’ to get to, but was unlikely to actually do anytime soon. Two of my buddies at work, who’ve been very supportive of my weight loss goals, took it upon themselves to register for the local race in the hopes of getting me to run as well, and it worked.

Seeing as how this is a blog dedicated to my personal nutrition and fitness, you’d think I would have mentioned the fact that I was registered to run a 5k yesterday. However, given the fact that it was at 7am and that I hadn’t really been training for it at all, I honestly wasn’t sure I was going to show – as anyone who knows me can attest, the only time I’m up at 7am is if it’s because I’m still up from the day before.

But I did show, and I ran (or more accurately – walked, with alittle running mixed in), and I did okay. I was aiming for under 40 minutes and I got decently close with an official time of 41:35. The cold morning air was harder to breathe than the warmer air at the gym, and the concrete/asphalt was waaaaaay harder on my knees than the treadmill, so I’ll happily take that time.

Now, as soon as I can walk without hobbling, I’ll look towards running another. 🙂

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Second day in a row my weigh-in has jumped 4 pounds. That’s 8 pounds in two fricking days! Seriously, wtf?

These are the kinds of results that cause people to quit. I mean, I know I haven’t been eating like a saint or hitting the gym like a champ, but an 8 pound upswing just feels like sucker punch straight to the gut. I didn’t see a jump that bad from day to day during the holidays, even when I ate cheesecake multiple days in a row.

I know I’ve really got to get more disciplined if I want to keep seeing results as I lose weight, but I had felt like I was doing alright this last week; not great, but alright.

My only real option is to soldier through and work harder. Maybe alright isn’t good enough.

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Perfect 10 Update

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So today marks the end of week one for the Perfect 10 Challenge and here is my weekly update:

– Perfect 10 Goals –

  • Lose 20 Pounds – I’m waaaay off pace here. Granted I think I was still seeing some residual effects from eating and drinking up to New Year’s Eve, but I really need to step it up if I want to get this done.
  • Treadmill 3 Days a Week – Only hit the treadmill twice this week, and the second time was nothing more than a 15 minute walk at lunchtime. It’s better than nothing, but not what I’m shooting for.
  • Weight Training 2 Days a Week – Done! Unlike the treadmill, I have weights at home, so I can get a decent routine done even when i didn’t have time to actually go to the gym.
  • Eat out No More than 4 Times a Week – Try doubling that number. The scary thing is, eating out 8 times this week is a serious reduction in my normal behavior.

So, overall, not a great week for my goals. Still I reversed the rising weight trend I had over the month of December, and I didn’t miss any of these (except my weight loss goal) by a large margin. I expect next week to include a lot more successes.

Something you probably don’t know about me:
I’ve been to 15 different countries (other than the United States) including the two smallest in the world (Vatican City & Monaco).

I’ve also been to 49 of the 50 U.S. States – the 48 contiguous States were hit all in one road trip where friends and I spent 10 weeks zig-zagging across the country and back in order to get pictures at all 48 ‘Welcome to’ state signs. Unfortunately, about two thirds of the way through the trip, our laptop died and all the pictures we’d taken up to that point were lost. In the end we only ended up with pictures at the state signs we had yet to visit (17 or 18 if I recall correctly).

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Mary over at A Merry Life has the absolute best resolution I’ve read yet:

I’m just going to throw it out there that this year is going to be awesome. Seriously. My goal? Be awesome.

I’m totally adding that to my list.

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Resolutions, Un-Resolutions, The Weekly List & The Perfect 10

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Happy New Year everyone!

While I didn’t end the year on a great note, I played most the chords right in 2009; a trend I intend to build on in 2010. I’ve broken my goals into two categories – Resolutions are things I intend to WILL begin doing, or do better, Un-Resolutions are things I intend to WILL stop doing.

– Resolutions –

  • Reach My Goal Weight
  • Run a 5k
  • Run a 10k
  • Gain Muscle
  • Eat Healthier (Not Just Less Calories)
  • Finish Projects I’ve Had Hanging Around for Months (If Not Years)
  • Advance my Education (Which doesn’t necessarily mean school)
  • Be Financially Responsible

– Un-Resolutions –

  • Stop Eating Out So Much
  • Stop Analyzing Things to the Point of Procrastinating
  • Stop Being Late To Work (My manager is a Saint for putting up with my nonsense)
  • Stop Trying to “Fix” Everything for Everyone (Sometimes people need to do things themselves)
  • Stop Feeling Guilty about the Past

The only problem with resolutions (both the standard and “Un” kind) is that they are usually high level concepts or long term goals such as “Be Financially Responsible” or “Stop Feeling Guilty about the Past” which makes them both difficult to implement (where do you start?) and hard to keep in focus from day to day. To quote Tyler over at 344pounds “The more important part is how we’re going to accomplish your goals…”

With that in mind, every Monday I’m going to create a list of things I intend to do that week in order to achieve my longterm goals. Most of the time the list will consist of small, easy to do things, as success in most of the goals I’ve laid out is more a matter of consistency than anything else. Other times, bigger, more significant items will make an appearance. All of them will be done.

With that in mind there’s almost certainly going to end up being a lot of overlap between my Perfect 10 Challenge goals and my weekly list, but that’s fine. Participating in a challenge is good, continuing to evaluate myself weekly after the 10 weeks are up is better.

– Perfect 10 Goals –

  • Lose 20 Pounds
  • Treadmill 3 Days a Week
  • Weight Training 2 Days a Week
  • Eat out No More than 4 Times a Week
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Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other.

- Walter Elliot