It does seem as if every time I write about how I have plans to do more around here, I immediately stop posting. Not sure what that says about me, but I know it’s accurate. In fact, if that doesn’t encapsulate who I am, perhaps nothing does.

Shortly after my last post I went on a family vacation to go see my brother Johnny’s senior performance as a percussion major in college. He was awesome – absolutely incredible. I am so proud of him, there weren’t (and still aren’t) words to really describe it.

Now, like most recent college graduates, Johnny is doing which of the following?

a) Coming back home and trying to find work to settle into a more permanent life.
b) He’s moving to Ghana for year to further study percussion and further expand his knowledge and experience.

If you answered a, you probably would benefit from b. (Good luck Johnny!)

Upon returning from vacation I found I’d gained about 5 pounds putting me at right about 309. Since that time I’ve been watching my weigh-ins (though neglecting to input them here) and simply been hovering right around that mark. While I don’t have a problem with gaining 5 pounds over a vacation – I definitely have a problem when I sit in limbo for the two months that follow it.

There are plenty of reasons (okay, most are excuses) for why I haven’t jumped right back into my efforts at a healthier lifestyle, but I’m not sure listing them matters. Suffice it to say I am back, yet again, and this time, I think, for good (more on that to come in a separate post.