It’s been a while since I posted much, and a lot has been happening in my life recently. I won’t bore you with all the details but, in short, I have problems – beyond pacifism. I’d given a lot of lip service to the idea that my losing weight was part of a bigger change in my life, but for the most part I wasn’t addressing what I consider other weak points or sources of stress. I immaturely thought those things would distract me from my weight loss goals, and I’d take care of them ‘next’.

After my most recent stumble Esther pointed out something I’d never considered when she said “You thought losing weight would solve all of your problems. When it didn’t, you quit.” I was either unaware (or more likely, didn’t want to be aware) of the fact I’d made a choice to stop putting effort into my health. I told myself it was too difficult with ‘all these other things’ going on, but really it was really much more of an ‘all these things’ didn’t go away.

With that in mind, I find that my original inclination to expand the focus of this site to general improvement of my life, rather than just weight loss, is probably the best answer. Weight loss & better health are still one of my primary life goals so they’re not going anywhere, I’ll just be posting more about different topics I’m interested in – particularly those that involve bettering or organizing my life, finances, etc.