One of the big selling points they use to push P90X is the claim that, if followed properly, you’ll never plateau. The idea is that by confusing the muscles with different exercises and routines, they never have the opportunity to become to accustomed to what you’re doing and are always incentivized to continue improving.

For me, that means that yesterday was my last ‘Chest & Back’ day for a while because starting next week the whole routine gets shaken up. That strikes me as a perfect opportunity to share some of the numbers the program encourages you to record:

Excercise Week 1   Week 3
Standard Push-Ups 9 + (8)   21 + (4)
Military Push-Ups (10)   3 + (15)
Wide Fly Push-Ups 3 + (9)   13 + (11)
Decline Push-Ups 0   4 + (2)
Diamond Push-Ups (7)   2 + (14)
“Dive-Bomber” Push-Ups (2)   2
( ) represent exercises done from the knees

So on day one I did a total of 12 full push-ups, and an additional 36 on my knees and then, exactly two weeks later, I did 45 full push-ups and 46 from my knees. That’s an increase of 33 & (10)! The numbers on my back exercises are less impressive, because at the start I couldn’t do a single pull-up and I currently still can’t do one, but I’m not letting that discourage me. I’m seeing real results on this – results I couldn’t have imagined when I started. I actually can’t wait to see what the new routines hold for me next week.