Happy New Year everyone!

While I didn’t end the year on a great note, I played most the chords right in 2009; a trend I intend to build on in 2010. I’ve broken my goals into two categories – Resolutions are things I intend to WILL begin doing, or do better, Un-Resolutions are things I intend to WILL stop doing.

– Resolutions –

  • Reach My Goal Weight
  • Run a 5k
  • Run a 10k
  • Gain Muscle
  • Eat Healthier (Not Just Less Calories)
  • Finish Projects I’ve Had Hanging Around for Months (If Not Years)
  • Advance my Education (Which doesn’t necessarily mean school)
  • Be Financially Responsible

– Un-Resolutions –

  • Stop Eating Out So Much
  • Stop Analyzing Things to the Point of Procrastinating
  • Stop Being Late To Work (My manager is a Saint for putting up with my nonsense)
  • Stop Trying to “Fix” Everything for Everyone (Sometimes people need to do things themselves)
  • Stop Feeling Guilty about the Past

The only problem with resolutions (both the standard and “Un” kind) is that they are usually high level concepts or long term goals such as “Be Financially Responsible” or “Stop Feeling Guilty about the Past” which makes them both difficult to implement (where do you start?) and hard to keep in focus from day to day. To quote Tyler over at 344pounds “The more important part is how we’re going to accomplish your goals…”

With that in mind, every Monday I’m going to create a list of things I intend to do that week in order to achieve my longterm goals. Most of the time the list will consist of small, easy to do things, as success in most of the goals I’ve laid out is more a matter of consistency than anything else. Other times, bigger, more significant items will make an appearance. All of them will be done.

With that in mind there’s almost certainly going to end up being a lot of overlap between my Perfect 10 Challenge goals and my weekly list, but that’s fine. Participating in a challenge is good, continuing to evaluate myself weekly after the 10 weeks are up is better.

– Perfect 10 Goals –

  • Lose 20 Pounds
  • Treadmill 3 Days a Week
  • Weight Training 2 Days a Week
  • Eat out No More than 4 Times a Week